East Tucson Boxing

Old School Gym is a professional boxing training center in Tucson, Arizona. Our coaches and instructors bring decades of experience to help get you competition ready and fit to fight.

•  Old School Gym provides instruction for all ages and skill levels
•  You do not need to be a professional fighter to train like one
•  We offer custom instruction for individuals, groups, businesses and non-profits
•  Learn the “sweet science” of boxing while you get in shape
•  Stop pretending. Learn how to fight while you work out

You do not need to be a pro to train here. Old school gym provides a friendly and supportive atmosphere for amateurs and beginners.
Decades of experience give the instructors at Old School an appreciation for proven boxing staples and innovative new approaches. The boxing and MMA instruction at Old School Gym in Tucson is provided by individuals with years of experience in: professional fighting, martial arts, military, personal self-defense, law enforcement, and mentorship.

There is a deep respect and appreciation for the positive impact boxing/MMA/and the martial arts can have. The wide reaching benefits of this type of training are well documented and widely published. As with any activity there are risks. You should consult a doctor before beginning any fitness activity. If you do some research you will find that amateur boxing/MMA/Martial arts are actually quite safe, and they are also very good for your physical and mental health.
Quality instruction makes a difference in your results.

Whether you are a seasoned fighter or just interested in getting the best work out money can buy. Come see why the Old School Gym stands apart from all other gyms in Tucson, AZ. With years of experience teaching and fighting, Old School Gym combines Old School with New school. Our instructors have led the way in teaching and instructing top notch fighters and beginners alike.

Come join up with us and let us get you in the best shape of your life. Give us a call or stop by a class. You will thank yourself later.